"Daniel Hanson is the Sistine Chapel Ceiling of Dressing Gown Luxury." The Independent • 23rd September 2005

We design and produce handmade and exquisite clothes, tasteful ‘timeless products’ made from only the best British cashmere, Italian silk, Swiss cotton, German velvet and Irish linen. Traditionally supplied to the premiere quality stores worldwide, we are now opening our door to a wider market, so you too can enjoy these exclusive clothes. Our new web site is being crafted as you read and will be ready to view very soon. You will be able to see our designs online, use our bespoke handmade service and order exclusive items directly.

For all enquiries please feel free to contact us by email or phone as per the details shown below...


Established in 1989 by Daniel Hanson who was, as the son of an Anglican Bishop, heavily influenced by the whole performance of ‘Dressing for Occasion’ and ecclesiastical tradition. The product base was inspired by a large collection of vintage dressing-gowns and robes that Daniel had collected from charity shops over a 15 year period.

Nominated for Designer of the Year by the British Fashion Council in 1984, and in conjunction with a wide variety of subsequent high profile Commercial Design Commissions which included working with the International Wool Secretariat in Paris and, as Non-Automotive Design Director for Jaguar Car Company, with periods during which he lectured at The Royal College of Art; Daniel was finally appointed as Principal Lecturer and Course Leader in Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University in 1989. Before very long he realised that the satisfaction he gained from the practical, manufacturing side of the design industry was too great to abandon and the company Daniel Hanson was born.

The Company

Today the company is a highly versatile and International brand, with a reputation for producing the Best Nightwear in the World.

This reputation for authentic ‘Objects of Desire’ revolves around its seasonal men’s and women’s Nightwear Collections which have been distributed to quality stores world-wide for over 20 years. The craftsmanship of its products result in thoroughly modern garments with a timeless elegance and style.

The distinctive qualities of the company’s cloth selection derive from a passionate, life long knowledge, interest and appreciation of fabric, its properties, its surface detail, its construction and the tradition behind its manufacture. These cloths are usually patterned and make use of intricate jacquard techniques, hand and machine embroideries or eclectic prints.

Plain European Base cloths are always finished where climate, tradition and technology have come together to produce the ‘absolute best’ in their own field: Swiss cotton, British Cashmere, Italian Silk, German Velvet and Irish Linen.